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My Costume In Progress (Halloween 2011)

Last Year, I went as a crazy dog and got lots of attention….

This Year, I plan to step up my game. I want to be Deadmau5 this year…..

He is a famous DJ/Producer.  He is also famous for having his computerized Light Mouse Mask on his shows. His mask lights up and plays along with his music.

I am currently working on a replica of his mask, but something more simple.  Here is my latest work….

Just Finished putting on the LED lights into the eyes……

More Pictures soon…..


Update September 13, 2011


About Me


What Sup! Its Frisko Skies. Coming From The Bay Area, Nor*Cal of Coarse.
Mostly Raised in the Westside. Traveled to the midwest God knows why.  Just here lost and doing everything I can to stay strong and Focus.

I drive these two cars (Mostly My Lincoln Navigator)

I’m A  Mobile DJ/Producer.  Mostly Produce Drum N Bass and Mix just about any type of music.

I’m into having a Loud System in my Car 🙂 The louder, The better.  Cant stand those wanna-be’s who think they have a loud system and make their car rattle.  Its all about the Clean Bass Sweep and Crystal Clear Sounds.

I listen to a lot of music, ALOT!!!!  There isnt a single day where i don’t listen to music, Its everywhere!  Think Im kidding?  Check out my complete Ipod Playlist…..

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My Strong Talents Include……

*Digital Photography
*Sound Analyzing
*Internet HTML
*Computer Geek
*Sound Geek
*Tech Geek
*Automotive Technology