About Me


What Sup! Its Frisko Skies. Coming From The Bay Area, Nor*Cal of Coarse.
Mostly Raised in the Westside. Traveled to the midwest God knows why.  Just here lost and doing everything I can to stay strong and Focus.

I drive these two cars (Mostly My Lincoln Navigator)

I’m A  Mobile DJ/Producer.  Mostly Produce Drum N Bass and Mix just about any type of music.

I’m into having a Loud System in my Car 🙂 The louder, The better.  Cant stand those wanna-be’s who think they have a loud system and make their car rattle.  Its all about the Clean Bass Sweep and Crystal Clear Sounds.

I listen to a lot of music, ALOT!!!!  There isnt a single day where i don’t listen to music, Its everywhere!  Think Im kidding?  Check out my complete Ipod Playlist…..

Click Here

My Strong Talents Include……

*Digital Photography
*Sound Analyzing
*Internet HTML
*Computer Geek
*Sound Geek
*Tech Geek
*Automotive Technology


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