Custom T-Shirts

It’s official! First print came out and looks amazing! Now we are ready to put our talents to work.

How to Design:

Our printer doesn’t print images. It only prints single colors at a time. We can do outlines, solid colors and detailed designs. (The bear has a lot of detail, that is possible in one color or two depending on the design)

Any designs you have or questions, we can give you options.


This really depends on a few aspects. We can print on Pretty much anything (sweaters, t-tops, shirts, etc). If we provide the clothing, pricing will vary. If you have the material, we will only charge for printing and designing  (shipping and handling as Well if needed so). Once we establish an understanding, we will give you a quote.

Make Requests:

Hit me up on Facebook, email, or reply here.

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My Costume In Progress (Halloween 2011)

Last Year, I went as a crazy dog and got lots of attention….

This Year, I plan to step up my game. I want to be Deadmau5 this year…..

He is a famous DJ/Producer.  He is also famous for having his computerized Light Mouse Mask on his shows. His mask lights up and plays along with his music.

I am currently working on a replica of his mask, but something more simple.  Here is my latest work….

Just Finished putting on the LED lights into the eyes……

More Pictures soon…..


Update September 13, 2011